~Eddie Vedder

~ Matt Johnson, The The (The True Happiness, This Way Lies)

Define freedom. I love what Matt Johnson says about freedom. It has the truest meaning that I've ever heard. If you let go from your heart's desire, nothing will bound you anymore.

Life's A Journey, Not A Destination

~ Aerosmith

Sometimes it doesn't matter where you ended up in life. What really matter is what you have done to make it worthwile.

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Watch The World Spinning, Gently Out Of Time

~ Out Of Time, Blur

Egypt is down. This is the latest news I heard over and over again this month. I realize then, that it is not just Egypt that is going down. It's also happened in the other countries like Tunisia, Yaman, Jordan, Iran. This even can probably happen in Europe. Countries like Greece is already almost bankrupt. Belgium has no government for months. Strikes in France. Can't help thinking what is going on with our world?

I then remember the phrase, "when the mountains come tumbling down." I think it's from a holy book. Looking at what's happening in the world these days, this must be the meaning of that phrase. The mountains are the rulers of the world. The countries leaders. These day, they are tumbling down.

I Can't Always Be Strong. I Want To Get It Wrong.

~ Ultraviolet, U2

Life is tough. People around you want you to be strong in facing it. They want you to do the right thing in life. If you're honest, doing that is tiring. Once in a while, I cannot stay right either. Sometimes I just wanted to let loose and let things gone wrong. But will you?