About Me

I grew up quite badly with the songs of rock n' roll.

I even started a few bands with my high school friends, my neighbors, my brothers. The bands actually went okay. I guess if I had put more effort to it, the bands would be one of the famous at that time. At those age, I listen to rock n' roll with the old adage: Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll. It wasn't the best principal after all.

As we grow a little bit older, we found out that those rock n' roll doggies actually said things that really make sense after all. To get more benefit from this music, we decided to actually like getting some advice - it's awkward, I know - from these badass rockin' wisemen. So, here I am, blogging about good advice from bad attitude dudes.

I realize this might not be the first time people try to do this, but, at least I thought of it by myself. So, it might have something different from the others.