I Can't Always Be Strong. I Want To Get It Wrong.

~ Ultraviolet, U2

Life is tough. People around you want you to be strong in facing it. They want you to do the right thing in life. If you're honest, doing that is tiring. Once in a while, I cannot stay right either. Sometimes I just wanted to let loose and let things gone wrong. But will you?

Steal Back The Beauty of Rock N' Roll

After all these years, The Rolling Stones had been making good music called Rock N' Roll. Until someday the industry stole the beauty of it. Since then, the world has lost touch of the beauty of Rock N' Roll. Everywhere we hear is just some noisy repeated sound produced with automated electronic devices. They even told the device to play by itself as a loop.

In 1990's, the phenomenon persists. Even worse. But until one day we hear the good old sound of Rock N' Roll back to the stage. It's the hard-to-handle band called The Black Crowes. They are defying all the categories the industry has at that time. On the later album, they also resonate the soulful sound of Rock N' Roll.

The industry has stolen the beauty of Rock N' Roll, and The Black Crowes are stealing it back.

Protest Is Futile. Nothing Seems To Get Through.

~ Driven To Tears, The Police

What we need now is a more creative and independent movement. Try browse your TV channel and you'll see more and more violent demonstration act around the world. But in the end, what did violent protest get you? Nothing. That's exactly the point of the song. So, instead of wasting up your energy on this futile act, why don't we think of other form of movement. At this point, honestly, I don't think the world needs anymore government.

Can I Get A Witness

- The Rolling Stones

At first I have no idea what he's talking about. But later on these days, I got home late from work, all the bosses got mad all day, and what I found at home is no one to share my stories. It happens also when I achieved something, it hurts when no one knows what happened to us.