~ Rush, Working Man

Hell, I used to get up at five in the morning and get to work at seven. And to make it worst, I finished working at six in the afternoon and get home almost nine in the evening. Yes, two hours on the road. It's really true that I haven't got a living working like that. In fact, I got old while going to work.

If you want to continue living like that, fine. But stop whining about having no life. Because eventually it is your choice. If you want to have a living then get a life. I said that to myself and start to find another job. Actually my dream is to have my own business and be my own boss. But in achieving that dream, I need to find a way. And one way I know to achieve it is to be a working man. It's okay I guess. As long as I know what I'm doing and I know where I am getting to.

No. Life is not all about working. You have the right to socializing, make friends, play, traveling, and do more things that you like. You have a dream to achieve and working is just the way to get you there. So, try to find a new job or start your own business. It's hard I know. But it is harder to get up at seven and go to work at nine having got no living and working all the time.