~ The Rolling Stones

Again, Paul Arden in his book said that, Wish, is something like oh, would it be nice if... That is a wish. While a Want, is if you want it strong enough, you will squeeze your last drop of sweat to get it realized. But it's not always working. Mick Jagger knew it.

So, if you really want something and tried hard to make it happen but it didn't, don't worry. It happened all the time to all people in this world. The Rolling Stones had eased our mind of it. Though, if you realy tried hard enough, sometimes you will still get something. It might not be what you want at the first time, but it most probably will be the one you need. Okay, so what is a Need?

I haven't read this in Paul Arden's book, but I guess a need is something that you didn't think you want at the first time, but actually, if it is realized, if you get it, than it will make your life goes on.